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DRIFT – Ceramic Coating & PPF Safe Soap


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DRIFT Ceramic Coating & PPF Safe Shampoo Concentrate is a product that we developed specifically to care of client vehicles that have had ceramic coating and paint protection film installed.

We wanted to design a ceramic safe soap that was highly lubricated, highly concentrated, safe on all finishes, could be used in a professional foam cannon or garden hose foam gun, and in your wash bucket. DRIFT is the result of that desire. This shampoo is safe on all finishes and is specifically designed to be highly lubricated at multiple dilutions. This shampoo is also highly concentrated. It contains NO GLOSSIFIERS.

Recommended Dilutions for Maximum Lubricity & Crazy Foam:

  • Foam Cannon (32oz size): 2oz (with warm water)

  • Wash Bucket (5 Gallon): 2oz

  • Hose Foam Gun (32oz Size): 4oz

Standard Dilution:

    • Foam Cannon (32oz size): 1oz (with warm water)
  • Wash Bucket (5 Gallon): 1oz

  • Hose Foam Gun (32oz Size): 3oz

This shampoo can produce amazing foam at half the dilutions listed above, those are just the dilutions we like to use to produce insane amounts of foam and lubrication.

The starting dilution is 600:1

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