2018-2021 Tesla Model 3 Fenders w/ Camera Cutouts

2018-2021 Tesla Model 3 Fenders w/ Camera Cutouts


2018-2021 Tesla Model 3

Wrapped Edges

Suggested Installed Price: $550-650


This is a high-quality Precut PPF Kit. It is custom cut for the 2018-2021 Tesla Model 3. This kit's edges are wrapped.

NOTE: We may leave certain cutouts to retain integrity during shipping, such as sensor holes, emblems, etc. You may need to remove them at the time of installation.

Suggested Installed Retail Price: $550-$650

This you should know before purchasing:

This is a service for BUSINESSES ONLY. We do not sell PPF kits to the general public. YOU MUST REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT TO GAIN ACCESS TO PRICING. 

It is YOUR responsibility to follow proper installation procedures, including the use of proper tools, prep process & liquid solutions. Note that some PPF contains orange peel. This is normal. You may find some edges do not completely wrap, even on "wrappped" kits. It is your responsibility to know how to install these PPF kits and their proper procedures.

The film you are purchasing is a top-tier 10 year rated, 8 mil, quality paint protection film. It is your responsibility to set proper care and length of the application cycle with your end user. This film is NOT a film that you can purchase on Amazon or eBay. You must be an accredited business to gain access to this film - it is of professional quality.

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