ANALAN Pet Hair Detailer & Replacement Blade Combo Kit


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ANALAN Pet Hair Detailer & Replacement Blade Combo Kit

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Includes: ONE (1) Pet Hair Detailer and ONE (1) Replacement Blade (A $25 Value!)

The ALANA Pet Hair Detailer is the best pet hair removal tool since the Lily Brush hit the market. I have personally tested this tool on some of the most horrible carpet in the industry… MAZDA Black Carpet with WHITE short Dog Hair. This tool KICKS ASS!

The ALANAN Pet Hair Detailer obliterates even the most stubborn hair from carpeting with its 3 sided multi-length toothed rubber edges.

The idea is that while the different sized teeth create a more aggressive removal process, it builds up static eletricity as you use it, so you switch to the next sized side of the tool to continue to work the area.

  1. Vaccum the area.

  2. Use the Large Tooth Side of the tool, with some medium downward pressure, pull or push the hair in the carpet in to a pile.

  3. Switch to the Medium Tooth Side of the tool and repeat the same process.

  4. Switch to the Small Tooth Side of the tool and repeat the same process.

  5. Vaccum the pile of hair and the rest of the carpet.


The 3 sided shape of the tool allows you to fit it in to some of the tightest corners and crevices. It rigid ABS Plastic Shell allows you to “choke up” on the tool and apply some signifigant downward pressure.


ALALAN gives you a one time free replacement of the ABS plastic shell, should it break, which I highly doubt that it would since it is built really solidly.

Replaceable Blades:

The rubber blade in this tool is replaceable. Eventually the teeth will wear down to a smooth edge. Thats just physics at play. The trade off is that hair removal is easier so that means less time spent working on a vehicle, which is where the real money savings come in to play.

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